Net Core 2.1 promises better build performance and several other improvements for developers

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Microsoft’s .Net Core, a cross-platform implementation of the company’s .Net development platform, is being readied for its 2.1 release, featuring improvements to build time performance and tools deployment.

When to expect .Net Core 2.1

The open source .Net Core 2.1 is due in beta form this month, with a production release expected by summer 2018.

Improved features in. .Net Core 2.1

Application-building performance will be much better than it was with the 2.0 and 1.0 versions of .Net Core, Microsoft promises. This is particularly true for incremental builds.

Improvements apply to dotnetbuild on the command line and Visual Studio builds. As part of its build enhancements, Microsoft has improved CLI and MSBuild tools for faster performance.

Other improvements envisioned for .Net Core 2.1 include:

  • A new deployment and extensibility mechanism for tools, referred to as .Net Core global tools. It replaces .Net CLI Tools. The experience will be similar to Node global tools, reusing the same syntax. Microsoft anticipates a new ecosystem arising for .Net tools.

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