A worrying trend from Africa countries on the just concluded Paralympic in Tokyo

For the first time in history, nearly 250 million African viewers had the opportunity to follow the Paralympic Games in Tokyo on television for free, but still, the continent underperformed compared to five years ago in Rio.

Five years after the Rio Olympics, many African countries were unable to send the physically challenged athletes to compete at the Tokyo Paralympics

Performance in this year’s Paralympic was not impressive, as many African countries like for instance Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt were unable to conquer their relevant medals in their usual respective fields.

Among the most outstanding African countries that performed well in the just conclude game, Tunisia became the first African country at 28th position globally with a total of 11 medals including 4 golds.

Other countries include Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa.

China dominated the list with a total of 207 medals, including 96 gold, 60 silver, and 51 bronze. Collecting 41 gold, 38 silver, and 45 bronze medals, the UK was second.


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