i'm a person who like to meet a lovely ones. A person who ready to learn and to think creative not just for his/her benefit..i like people who bring new ideal so that we can make the futures brighter than today.. The future rewards those who press on. I don't have time to feel sorry for myself. I don't have time to complain. I'm going to press on. keep moving higher in life... A.K.A know as LAGMEN. Lagmen like people who are well understanding, people who are creativity..................................................................... .Just that every thing is cool and gentle about me. i like doing great things right on the ways l want it to be................................................ and i always do what i know must, i mean d best way of my kind. Any how i must be No one we backward me, must be until i get what i need.................... Then i believe in my own life style, things we always be there for me. Friend's There" (2be u Just have to work hard too get want u need most....don't joke with your time because of life factor.) .The starting point of all achievement is desire.BE DERE.

Architects at DesignGenre Job

Design Genre is a firm of architectural, planning, urban design and interior design consultants. The principals and staff have experience spanning three continents-Europe, North America and Africa. At Design Genre we are problem solvers. Our approach is that good design must solve the relevant problems and be aesthetically pleasing. We are recruiting suitably qualified candidates…

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Clips for iOS latest rumours:

Release date rumours and features What is Clips? Clips is a brand-new app for iPhone and iPad which allows users to “create expressive videos” according to Apple. Essentially, in a world where social media is full of viral videos, this gives users a quick and easy way to create shareable videos without much prior knowledge…

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Fable F#-to-JavaScript tool integrates with Microsoft .Net Core SDK

Fable uses the Babel compiler to make JavaScript a back end for Microsoft’s F# functional programming language Fable, a compiler that enables Microsoft’s F# “functional first” programming language to emit JavaScript, has reached a 1.0 beta stage, featuring integration with Microsoft’s .Net Core SDK. Leveraging the Babel JavaScript compiler, Fable makes JavaScript a back end…

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According to Nokia’s annual Mobile Broadband Index study of mobile broadband performance in India, 4G was the major source of data traffic across the country in 2016.

According to Nokia’s annual Mobile Broadband Index study of mobile broadband performance in India, 4G was the major source of data traffic across the country in 2016. Though 4G coverage is yet to penetrate across all circles, it contributed to 13 percent of the total data traffic pan-India in a span of year since launch….

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Apple acquires Workflow automation app, offers it free

The technology could be used by Apple to offer quick access for disabled people Apple has acquired the Workflow automation app, which allows iOS users to trigger a sequence of tasks across apps with a single tap. A spokesman for Apple confirmed on Wednesday the company’s acquisition of DeskConnect, the developer of the app, and…

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lagmen Featured

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