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MTN StartPack  



MTN StartPack is a wonderful and special Tariff Plan that enables users enjoy Free extra 500% bonus on any of their recharges. The people who loves calling will definitely love this temporary Tariff Plan. It is only available for new MTN Sims.

It works when you recharge 100naira and above on your new registered MTN sim. Assuming, you recharged 100naira, you will get free 500naira added to the 100naira you recharged making 600naira. So, in every recharges, Free 500naira will always be added.

It can be used to make calls, send SMS, browse the Internet and to get FREE 10MB in every recharges of 200naira & above with some other exciting offers.

Benefits Of MTN StartPack Tariff Plan Offer

You get free 500% bonus on any recharges of 100naira above.
You get Free 10MB on every recharges of 200naira and above.
You can browse, call and send SMS to all networks in Nigeria with the credit.
You will also get some other exciting offers.

Features Of MTN StartPack Offer

It is only available to New MTN customers who just registered and activated their MTN sim.
The Free 500% bonus valids for 6months and will be received in a dedicated account.
The Airtime bonus valid for 7days and when recharged again, the validity period will be extended.
The Airtime bonus can be used to call, send SMS and browse all websites.

Note: This offer is only available to all new MTN users and once you migrate out from the Tariff Plan, you won't be able to receive the offer anymore and each bonus lasts for 7days.



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