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Sterling Bank partners with a foreign university to help young Nigerians work and study  


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18/09/2020 6:07 am  

Sterling Bank Plc has initiated a programme in collaboration with the Nexford University, United States called “Grow With Sterling Initiative” that would allow school leavers to study in a foreign university while working for the bank.

The Chief Human Resources Officer of Sterling Bank Plc, Temi Dalley stated that the programme is part of the bank’s new-to-the-world opportunities for young Nigerians to access quality education at an affordable cost while gaining work experience.

Sterling Bank partners with a foreign university to help young Nigerians work and study

Dalley mentioned that “Grow with Sterling initiative is a co-branded social impact programme that will enable Nigerian secondary school leavers to further their education under a unique partnership arrangement with the bank as the financier and Nexford University as the learning provider.”

Sterling Bank is to pay 65 per cent fees of school leavers to earn international undergraduate degrees under a three years period while they are engaged by the financial institution to serve in specific capacities in a work-study arrangement.



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