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Nollywood Actress J...

Nollywood Actress Jennifer Eliogu Chased Out By Husband For Infidelity  



Jeniffer eliogu is known for one shameful controversy or the other, if we can recall clearly the issue of a missing money accusation from suzan patrick another nollywood actress against her. Jennifer Eliogu is yet in the news again, this time for child paternity mess....

News making the rounds in nollywood and the entertainment sector recently is the disgraceful way nollywood actress, jeniffer eliogu was chased out of her matrimonial home by her husband and his family due to acts of infidelity on the side of the actress. The story as we gathered from one of the sibblings of the husband started when jennifer hurriedly and surprisingly showed up in europe on a visit to her husband and after a few weeks claimed she was pregnant.
unfortunately for the actress, when she delivered the said baby, it was discovered that the time difference for pregnancy amd delivery didnot match the time she claimed she was pregnant, further investigation by the family of the husband revealed that the actress was all the while carrying another man's child and has gone to europe to place the paternity on her husband.

On getting this information and also getting details of jennifer's rollickings with various men in nigeria while he is in europe, the husband thus instructed his sibblings to throw jennifer and the new baby out of the duplex he rented for her in the ajah axis of lagos. the actress is said to now be living with a relative in ikeja pending when the real father of the child shows up.
source http://spammer.blogspot.com/2013/04/imagine-nollywood-actress-jennifer.html


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