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The reason why men ...

The reason why men get early morning erections!  



Do you wake up in the morning with a rock-hard boner and wonder what exactly turned you on when you were asleep? This phenomenon, generally called morning wood, has a medical name for it--Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT).

These boners can occur three to five times throughout the night and are common in adolescent and young men. Wondering why? It's simply because men at this age have peak level of hormones, which in turn impact the frequency of their erections and the need for quick release. As men age, the hormone levels decline and thus, the frequency of morning wood too!

So, these erections might not be because of just erotic dreams. Some experts believe that male body gets erections in the middle of the night to oxygenate the organ with some fresh blood flow.

Then why doesn't it happen that frequently during the day? It's because our brain emits anti-erection chemicals during day time that stop such erections at socially inappropriate times. This inhibiting factor goes away at night and the erections come and go freely. So in case, you are in the prime of your life and morning boners are not frequent visitors—this maybe a signal of some trouble in sexual health.

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