Davido explains why he skipped over paying tribute to Ifeanyi on his album “Timeless”

David Adeleke, better known by his stage as Davido, a Nigerian artist, has disclosed why he chose not to include a tribute to his late son Ifeanyi Adeleke in his fourth studio album, “Timeless.”

that the album has received mixed reviews from certain fans because it didn’t live up to their expectations.Davido wanted to be more fun with the album, contrary to popular belief that the tracks would be more centered on the singer’s deceased kid.

Ahead of the upcoming ‘Timeless’ concert in Lagos, which is slated for April 23, 2023, at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Davido stated during a press conference on Monday, April 17, that his main goal was to release a classic album with few or no emotional songs to prevent fans from becoming emotional after the death of his son.

Regardless of what he may be going through, he claims that anyone who has followed his 12-year career in the music industry can attest that he has always been a cheerful person.

He continued by saying that if any melancholy songs were to appear, they would be part of a completely other production because he never intended to combine them.How my father forced me to return to school
Davido has disclosed how his rich father Adedeji Adeleke forced him to reenroll in school.

The singer said that his father had ‘bribed’ him to finish his degree program after he received a second-class upper degree from Babcock University’s Music Department.

The phenomenal singer made this known while featuring on the latest episode of the +44 Amazon Music podcast, where he disclosed that he was forced to go back to the university after initially quitting to focus on his music career.

He disclosed that his father made a bargain with him under which, in exchange for his attendance at classes from Monday through Friday, his father would construct him a top-notch studio and give him money to film music videos on the weekends.

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