In Venezuelan state of Zulia, 22 doctors have died of coronavirus


Twenty-two doctors have died of Covid-19 in the northwestern Venezuelan state of Zulia, Dr. Daniela Parra, the president of the Zulia College of Doctors, told CNN on Monday.

Speaking with CNN from the state capital, Maracaibo, Parra said, “It’s in front of everyone’s eyes that the medical staff is paying the highest price because of the pandemic.”

Parra added that the College of Doctors presented recommended measures to both Maracaibo City Hall and the governor of Zulia to lower the risks for doctors on the front line against Covid-19.

“We recommended to reduce the hospital’s shift from 12 hours to eight hours, so to reduce the (exposure) of our doctors to the virus, and purchase more PPE,” Parra said.

Located near the Colombia border, Zulia is the country’s second most affected state, with 3,421 reported cases.

CNN has previously documented the difficult conditions of medical facilities in Venezuela and particularly in Zulia, where most hospitals lack running water, electricity and basic resources.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Communications did not respond to a request for comment from CNN.

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