Weinstein Co. President David Glasser Linked to Felon’s Money Laundering Case (EXCLUSIVE)

David Glasser has been Harvey Weinstein’s right-hand man for the better part of a decade. Now, after Weinstein’s spectacular downfall in a sex harassment scandal this week, Glasser has been put in charge of the mogul’s imploding entertainment company alongside Weinstein’s brother, Bob.
But Glasser, who serves as president and chief operating officer of the Weinstein Co., has long been dogged by legal issues that date back more than two decades. In the most serious case, Glasser’s former company was used to launder the proceeds of a massive stock manipulation scheme which, according to federal prosecutors, was connected to the Genovese crime family. The mastermind of the scheme, Roy Ageloff, pleaded guilty to securities fraud and was sentenced to eight years in prison. Ageloff also helped launch Glasser’s career as a producer, and even tried to produce a film with Glasser about his own life, to be titled “Sold Short.” Glasser was never charged with a crime.
Glasser’s legal problems have hindered his Hollywood career in the past. Two years ago, Glasser announced he would be leaving the Weinstein Co. to seek a “new opportunity.” A few weeks later, he reversed course and announced that he would stay on. According to sources familiar with the matter, Glasser was offered a top executive role at DreamWorks Animation. But after digging into his past, DreamWorks rescinded the offer. The sources say the board felt that Glasser’s legal troubles made it impossible for him to hold an executive job at a publicly traded company.
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The food delivery app is collaborating with the tech firm Indifi, which will fund small- and medium- scale restaurants.

Swiggy to give loans to its partner restaurants

The online food delivery and ordering platform, Swiggy has decided to join hands with fintech company Indifi Technologies to provide working capital loans for its partner restaurant under Swiggy Capital Assist.

With more than 18000 restaurants under its belt, the online food delivery platform will provide capital especially to the restaurants who are running small- and medium- scale business. A spokesperson from the company informed IDG that Swiggy is focusing on small- and medium- scale restaurants, who looking for funds to expand their business in the market. The process is relatively simpler as there is just a form to fill and then Indifi will complete the credit evaluation within 24 hours and the entire loan will be given in a week’s time without initial deposits at a fair interest rate.

“Our restaurant partners are at the heart of our success. Through Swiggy Capital Assist, we want to leverage our credibility to provide fair and hassle-free financing options to our restaurant partners, much like our seamless delivery service,” said Sriharsha Majety, CEO, Swiggy. “With this program, our objective is to enable small and medium scale restaurants to get quick access to capital, expand their presence, and continue on their journey to greater success.”

The program will provide the company’s restaurant partners seamless access to additional working capital, helping them grow and expand their business, Swiggy said in a statement.

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Harvey Weinstein is restocking his team of crisis managers, after half of his team resigned over the weekend

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is restocking his team of crisis managers, after half of his team resigned over the weekend.

Weinstein has retained Sitrick and Company, the well known crisis PR firm, to help him through the next phase of his response to the New York Times’ bombshell story revealing decades of sexual harassment settlements. Weinstein was fired on Sunday by the board of the Weinstein Co. His next steps remain uncertain.

Weinstein was widely perceived to have bungled his initial response to the article, showing some contrition while also threatening to sue the Times. In disputing some of the allegations, he seemed to invite other women to come forward to corroborate the article — which they did — possibly sealing his fate with the board of directors.

His initial team included sexual harassment lawyer Lisa Bloom and crisis consultant Lanny Davis, as well as attorneys David Boies and Charles Harder.

Bloom, in particular, came under withering criticism for her support for Weinstein, which was at odds with her long history of representing high-profile victims of sexual harassment, most recently in the Bill O’Reilly case. She stepped down on Saturday, as did Davis

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Shock, disgust, and shame — that’s how one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers described her experience of allegedly being trapped

Shock, disgust, and shame — that’s how one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers described her experience of allegedly being trapped by the movie mogul as he engaged in a sexual act.

TV reporter Lauren Sivan discussed the details of the incident Monday morning in an appearance on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today.” Kelly opened the show by declaring “He’s out” as pictures of Weinstein scrolled on the talk show set’s LED screens.

Sivan described the decade-old incident in which she met Weinstein at a party at a New York restaurant in which he was an investor. He lured her to the kitchen and tried to kiss her. When she rebuffed that advance, he allegedly blocked her passage in a narrow corridor while he masturbated, according to Sivan.

“I just stood there dumbfounded,” Sivan said. “I could not believe what I was witnessing.”

Kelly said at start of the interview that she has been friendly with Sivan for years, and she also noted that she has known Weinstein for some time. Last year, Kelly’s disclosure that she endured sexual harassment from former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes helped speed the ouster of one of the most powerful figures in media.

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Bloom’s resignation comes after a flurry of criticism has surfaced

Mika Brzezinski

Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski announced on Twitter that she won’t follow through with her three-book deal with Weinstein Books unless Harvey Weinstein resigns.

“I have a three-book deal with Weinstein Books, through Hachette,” Brzezinski wrote on Saturday. “I can’t go forward with these books unless Harvey resigns.”

She called for Weinstein’s resignation from the company, suggesting that he “face his sickness, and go into a long, self-imposed exile.”

Brzezinski is the author of “Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth”; “Grow Your Value: Living and Working to Your Full Potential”; “Obsessed: America’s Food Addiction — And My Own”; and “All Things at Once.”

Her book deal was announced in July, with the first release under the company — a new and expanded edition of the 2011’s “Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth,” with commentary from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sheryl Sandberg — scheduled to arrive next spring.

Weinstein has been the subject of increasing controversy since the release of an explosive New York Times article that detailed accusations of sexual harassment from numerous women. He has since taken an “indefinite” leave of absence from Weinstein Company and issued a bizarre statement apologizing for his actions while simultaneously preparing to sue the Times for their report. His attorney Lisa Bloom also resigned on Saturday, despite initially defending him after he retained her as an advisor.

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Lisa Bloom has resigned from advising Harvey Weinstein, who is embattled in accusations of decades-long sexual harassment.

Lisa Bloom Harvey Weinstein resign

Lisa Bloom has resigned from advising Harvey Weinstein, who is embattled in accusations of decades-long sexual harassment.

Bloom, the high-profile lawyer who has made a name for herself by defending women over the course of her career, tweeted her resignation on Saturday afternoon.

“I have resigned as an advisor to Harvey Weinstein,” Bloom tweeted. “My understanding is that Mr. Weinstein and his board are moving toward an agreement.”

Bloom’s resignation comes after a flurry of criticism has surfaced on social media over the past 24 hours, attacking Bloom’s decision to represent Weinstein with naysayers calling her a hypocrite, as she’s dedicated her legal career to defending women.

Over the past year, Bloom became a highly-recognizable media figure for her work with celebrity clients including Kathy Griffin, Blac Chyna and Mischa Barton in her revenge porn case. Most notably, she was the driving force behind taking down former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly through her representation of many alleged female victims.

One of Bloom’s biggest critics was her own mother, power lawyer Gloria Allred, who attacked her own daughter for representing Weinstein, saying in a statement, “Had I been asked by Mr. Weinstein to represent him, I would have declined, because I do not represent individuals accused of sex harassment.”a

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