South Korea to quarantine passengers from US starting Friday

South Korea will require passengers arriving from the United States to undergo a 14-day quarantine starting from Friday.

Those arriving who have residence in South Korea will be allowed to stay at home, while those without will be required to stay in a government facility, the Central Disaster Relief Headquarters’ Disease Prevention team leader Yoon Tae-ho said on Wednesday.

In addition to the quarantine, short-term stay foreigners will be tested for the virus during entry procedures and will be allowed into the country if their test comes back negative.

South Koreans and long-term stay foreigners without symptoms will also be tested if they show any symptoms during the 14-day quarantine. They will be tested immediately upon arrival if presenting with coronavirus symptoms.

The government will continue monitoring the number of imported cases from the US and consider testing all arrivals if necessary

South Korea to quarantine passengers from US starting Friday

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