Trump’s Tulsa rally is a “complete recipe for something terrible to happen,” expert says


President Donald Trump’s plan to hold a rally in Tulsa on Saturday seems like a “terrible” idea in the time of Covid-19, Erin Bromage, an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, told CNN’s Don Lemon Monday night.

The plan “got worse,” he said, learning that the President decided to expand the size of the rally.

In addition to an indoor stadium that holds thousands, the campaign is making additional room for his followers with a 40,000 convention hall next door.

“I was writing about this today and 19,000 people put in a stadium, it’s like a carnival event in some of the rallies with people yelling and screaming, people singing,” Bromage said. “It just seems like it’s the complete recipe for something terrible to happen.”



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