Canada’s Trudeau says coronavirus measures will be in place for many more weeks

Canada’s national lockdown will continue “for many more weeks” as the nation studies how best to resume some economic activity, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday.

He added that things “won’t be back to normal.”

“The current measures will be in place for many more weeks so we have time to get that right and to look what other countries that might be earlier in their phase do that is successful,” he said.

Trudeau said his government is looking at different scenarios, but it’s still too early to think about relaxing any social distancing measures.

“It’s going to be very, very, important to do it in a measured, graduated way that allows for economic activity to begin while preventing severe spikes in COVID transmissions.”

By the numbers: Canada has reported 17,984 cases of Covid-19 and 391 related deaths. Per capita, Canada has less than half the reported coronavirus cases than in the United States and a lower death rate. Testing for the virus in Canada has been rigorous, although testing per capita has slipped in recent days.

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