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View the WAEC schedule for the GCE 2nd series exams in 2023

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WAEC GCE 2nd series timetable for 2023 is currently published. The tests will commence on 27th October, 2023 and ends December 20th, 2023. The timetable is available here for all candidates who have registered for the 2023 2nd series WAEC GCE.

We’re pleased to inform you that all WAEC Past Questions, both objective and theory, together with their solutions and answers, are now available online. You no longer need to carry multiple past questions or books to excel in your coming exams. We now have both Objective & Theory questions and answers for all previous years, which will definitely help you in your coming exams. 

View WAEC timetable for 2nd series GCE 2023 exams

The full timetable has been made available in PDF file below;




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