Designed with a user friendly interface and simplified statutory compliance, the product will empower businesses to be GST compliant.

It has been a fortnight since one of the country’s most significant economic reform came into effect. GST has affected all our lives but the impact has been felt most by business people. A new tax structure, new rates, codes, formats and the dire need to adopt technology to comply have been concerning many. On the other hand, there are also business owners who have made the transition without any worry and resumed operations with ease.    

Swami Yatishwaranand from Divya Jyoti Jagriti Foundation, Delhi is one of them. “We have been using Tally for the last decade but with GST coming in we were a little worried about how we will manage the change. Company representatives spent time with us before the launch and educated us on the subject. This was very helpful and of course moving to the new product was extremely easy.” 

In another instance, Atif Aslam from Khaza Gareeb Nawaz Traders in Burdwan said,  “We moved to the software keeping GST in mind and the experience has been quite good so far with adequate support provided. We were stressing on how we will start issuing invoices from Day 1 but with the simplicity of the software we were able to migrate easily on our own and there was no disruption in business continuity.” 

“There hasn’t been any stress here because we knew that with Tally we are in safe hands. GST billing from Day 1 was a joy and whatever issues we have faced, Tally partners have been very responsive in attending to them,” said Monish Desai, N Desai Papers, Ahmedabad. 

SR Sales Corporation’s Jethendra’s views resonated with that of others, “The invoicing has been very simple but that is what we have come to expect of the software over the years. We were able to move to the new release ourselves by simply downloading and installing the software from the website. Overall, we are very satisfied,” he said. 

Tejas Goenka, executive director, Tally Solutions, said “Since the launch of Tally.ERP 9 Release 6, our GST ready product into the market on 25th June, we have focused our efforts on three major action plans to get our customers GST ready a simple, self-start guide on our website. Daily webinars on the website allow people to ask their questions and get real time answers to their questions, and  we have already conducted more than 1600 GST camps and Kendras across key business locations in over 123 cities to make the movement to GST simple for our customers – all these will continue through the weeks to ensure that we help clarify customer doubts and help customers transition smoothly to GST.”

The company along with its strong partner network has already conducted more than 5000 GST events across the country. It has tied up with associations like CAIT, FAIDA, ASSOCHAM, CII and principal companies for the same and reached out to more than 2 lakh businesses already. In order to help businesses who are currently maintaining books manually to automate in the GST era, the company recently launched Biz Guru in association with Acer India and CAIT. Biz Guru is a one stop plug and play accounting and GST compliance solution. They intend to continue these initiatives and drive several more activities to help the business community with GST.

What does GST ready Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 do?

  • Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 is easy to use and simple to implement. Designed with a user friendly interface and simplified statutory compliance, the product will empower businesses to be GST compliant from Day 1. 
  • The software comes with quick and easy set up for the tax changes and makes moving into the new tax era very smooth. 
  • With the introduction of the concept of invoice matching under GST, accuracy of data is of paramount importance. GST-ready Tally brings forth unique error prevention, detection and correction capabilities both at the invoice and the tax return level. This means accurate invoices and therefore returns, giving business owners complete peace of mind. 
  • The software will also allow the user to export required tax return data into a spreadsheet which can then be imported into the offline tool provided by GSTN and used for further filing. All the requirements of any business from the launch of GST to return filing dates, stand covered with Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.