Ethiopia Steps Up Seizure Of Foreign Currency From Passengers


Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed Nigerian travellers that the Ethiopian Customs and Revenue Authority (ECRA) has recently stepped up seizure of foreign currencies and valuables in excess of $3 000 (three thousand US Dollars) from passengers transiting Ethiopia without prior declaration of such valuables.

According to a statement by its spokesman, Friday W. Akpan, the ministry said that the rule on the forfeiture of undeclared valuables applies to all passengers traveling to Ethiopia or transiting, including the prosecution of offenders of money laundering in line with Ethiopian Laws.

The Ministry, therefore, urged all prospective Nigerian travelers to please take note of the development and adhere strictly to avoid undue embarrassment at the airport.

Meanwhile, the Embassy of Nigeria in Addis Ababa is engaging the Ethiopian authorities to secure the release of undeclared monies seized from Nigerians

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