N-POWER Programme 2020 (Batch C)

N-Power Programme is a Federal Government Initiative for diversifying the economy.

N-Power is preparing young Nigerians for a knowledge economy where, equipped with world-class skills and certification, they become innovators and movers in the domestic and global markets. Nigeria will have a pool of software developers, hardware service professionals, animators, graphic artists, building services professionals, artisans and others.

N-Power also focuses on providing our non-graduates with relevant technical and business skills that enhance their work outlook and livelihood.

N-Power is a Federal Government initiative and are recruiting into the following Programmes.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to rise no matter their circumstance, educational background or belief.

Since inception, N-Power has trained over 500,000 beneficiaries in various vocational areas – farming, agro-processing, financial literacy, communication, digital skills amongst a host of others.

About 109,823 beneficiaries have gone on to set up businesses within their communities as a result of their training and time in the N-Power Programme. We are proud of the results so far and look forward to impacting even more Nigerians as we commence efforts to register a new batch of beneficiaries.

My team and I at the Ministry are committed to this programme and all efforts geared towards supporting the vulnerable. We are stronger together and we will make it through these trying times


Volunteers will help improve basic education delivery in Nigeria. They will be deployed as teacher assistants in primary schools around Nigeria. Open to Graduates only.

Duration: 12 months


Volunteers will provide advisory services to farmers across the country. They will also gather data of Nigeria’s agriculture assets. Open to both Graduates and Non-Graduates

Duration: 6 months


Volunteers will help improve and promote preventive healthcare in their communities to vulnerable members of the society. Open to Graduates only.

Duration: 12 months

N-Build, Tech
and Creative

Volunteers will receive extensive training to help develop and expand their respective skillset. This will help foster innovation and creativity. Open to Graduates and Non-Graduates.

Duration: 6 months

The Federal Government of Nigeria is recruiting into the *N-POWER*, people who studied any of;

• Vocational – SSCE, GRADUATE  (N-Power Creative, N-Power Tech, N-Power Build)
• Education
• Nutrition
• Agricultural Sciences
• Agronomy
• Animal Science
• Crop Science
• Food Science & Technology
• Medicine
• Biology or Microbiology
• Nursing & Midwifery
• Public Health
• Botany
• Psychology
• Physiology and Anatomy
• Medical Laboratory Science
• Health Education
• Economics
• Law
• Finance
• Engineering
• Social Sciences
• Natural and Environmental Sciences
• _*or other related courses*_

*Location:* All States | NIGERIA

Applying for the N-Power Volunteer programme

  • Get your unique 11 digit Bank Verification Number (BVN) from your bank
  • Ensure you have your school certificates, valid means of identification, and NYSC Certificate.
  • Disclaimer: Picking a programme is not a guarnatee that you will be selected for it.
  • N-Power application is FREE and you should pay no one to apply
  • N-Power is a tenured programme and you will exit after the duration of the programme


N-POWER Programme 2020 (Batch C)

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