People still need to wears masks even as states reopen, Infectious Diseases Society president says


Although states are starting to reopen, people still need to wear a mask and practice physical distancing to prevent a “backlash,” Dr. Thomas File, the president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, said.

“We still have to use the personal practices that have led us to the present state now where we’re starting to at least, you know, flatten the curve,” he told CNN on Sunday.

“That means continue to use physical distancing, continue to use masks when we’re out in public –– because until we have widely available antimicrobial or antiviral therapy and a vaccine, the best defense is physical distancing,” File added.

He said state leaders have to acknowledge the pandemic has had a “significant impact on both public health and the economy.”

File said it is going to be important to take measures to reopen states safety to avoid making the economic situation worse.

“If there’s an increase in cases and increase in admissions to hospitals, that’s going to hurt the economy. You certainly don’t want to go back to lockdown of businesses because that’s going to hurt the economy worse,” File said.

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