The US Navy has now tested all crew members on 2 virus-stricken ships

The US Navy has now tested 100% of the crews of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Kidd, two ships that were hit by an outbreak of the coronavirus while at sea

On the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, where sailors continue to transition from quarantine and isolation, there are currently 1,102 active cases.

Some 53 sailors have recovered after completing at least 14 days in isolation and two successful negative tests.

Three sailors are being treated in US Naval Hospital Guam for Covid-19 symptoms. None of those sailors are in the ICU.

On the USS Kidd destroyer, there are 78 active cases, according to the Navy.

Crew members will complete at least 14 days in quarantine or isolation and must have two negative tests before returning to the ship. None of the crew from this ship are hospitalized.

Earlier this week,¬†the Navy announced it is launching a broader inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus outbreak aboard the USS Theodore¬†Roosevelt, effectively delaying its recommendation that the ship’s commanding officer be reinstated.

The announcement came after US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper previously declined to immediately endorse the Navy’s original investigation into the issue, which included a recommendation to reinstate Capt. Brett Crozier.

Source CNN

The US Navy has now tested all crew members on 2 virus-stricken ships

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