2023: Chidoka: South-East Can’t Waste 24-Year Investment In PDP

The former Aviation Minister said it would be foolish for Igbos to abandon the party they have backed since 1999, despite observers’ belief that Peter Obi, a member of the Labour Party and a native of the area, will challenge PDP’s hegemony in the South-East.

“My understanding of the Igbo viewpoint is that our enormous investment in the PDP over a 24-year period cannot be lost overnight. He added on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, “I’m still in the PDP, and a lot of Igbos are still in the PDP.

He thinks that while proponents of an Igbo president outside the PDP are not entirely mistaken, the South-East has the best chance of winning the presidency through the main opposition group.

He acknowledges that Peter Obi has come a long way in winning over Nigerians, but he insists that is not enough. He contends that the South-East must advance to fulfill the presidential dream.

“The Igbo presidency is almost approaching. The PDP chairman continued, “That is going to happen soon, once an Igbo man is capable of holding on firmly in a party and controlling the levers of that party.Regarding the presidential race, Chidoka said that the PDP is well-positioned to prevail, pointing to the party’s organizational structure and the knowledge and tenacity of its candidate.

“The election has been won by Atiku Abubakar. It will happen in due course. The nation will say it on February 25th, he said.

He continues by saying that Atiku can win votes from all throughout the nation. Chidoka claims that the PDP’s internal disputes won’t have an impact on the chances of its nominee.

According to him, many regions of Nigeria won’t vote for the All Progressives Congress (APC), which is now in power because it hasn’t done well for the nation.

“They have significantly degraded the capacity of Nigeria as a nation. They have degraded our unity in diversity and our economy,” Chidoka said.

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