Actor Chidi Mokeme Shares His Experience Fighting an Incurable Illness

In a Channels Television interview, Chidi Mokeme disclosed that he was suffering from Bell’s Palsy, a condition he compared to a stroke.

Bell’s Palsy: What Is It?
Bell’s palsy is a disorder that causes the muscles on one side of the face to suddenly weaken. The weakness often subsides over a few weeks and is only transitory.

Bell’s Palsy is an untreatable illness, according to Chidi Mokeme, and medical professionals have confirmed there is no cure.He observed that the condition only impacted one side of his face, making it impossible for him to perform in public. As a result, he made the decision to step away from the film industry and concentrate on other commercial ventures.

Yes, I have been absent from the scene for a while. We had just finished the 76 promotional tour and had just returned from the Toronto Film Festival. Following that, we were getting ready to travel to the UK for the British International Film Festival. I developed a condition known as Bell’s palsy.

It was the first time I had heard of it, and it affects one side of your face and makes you droop like a stroke. And the doctor said that this condition was incurable.

They lack a treatment because the reason and proper course of action were unknown.”As an actor, you can envision and understand what I was going through at the moment if you come out with something that changes your face.

I believed it to be something portable, and I believed I would attend the biggest 76 premiere, where the spotlight would be on me rather than the movie. I made the decision to take some time off in order to address the issue that required my face to be in peak condition. I therefore just concentrate on taking care of my other business in the primary.

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