According to reports, actress Nuella Njubigbo marries an ex-convict (video)

According to reports, Nuella Njubigbo, a Nollywood actress, married Carlos Jean, the ex-husband of Uche Ogbodo.

This occurs shortly after Carlos, who is linked to the ex-husband of the actress Uche Elendu, was freed from prison in Spain.Although there have been rumors of Nuella having a relationship with Carlos, she has refused to confirm or deny them.

The actress and her spouse, however, are seen in a video going viral online during their hidden location court wedding ceremony.
Remember when Tchidi Chikere, a movie producer, and Nuella’s marriage ended because to allegations of domestic violence and infidelity?

In response to Tchidi Chikere’s third marriage, Nuella Njubigbo
After her ex-husband, a film director, posted a mysterious message on social media, Nuella Njubigbo did the same.

 Tchidi Chikere revealed that he is married for the third time after two failed marriages. It would be recalled that Tchidi via his Instagram page on Monday, April 17th stated that he recently got married some months ago.

Tchidi concealed the face of his new wife while displaying her engagement ring when he announced his marriage via Instagram.

He stated that he was at the moment content and fine.

Married!, he penned. Just to let my friends and followers know that I’m OK and happy, we did it here a few months ago. God is in charge.

However, the Nollywood actress Nuella recently denounced greed in a post. She posted “Greedy hearts” on her Instagram.

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