Adulthood Na Scam Singer explains why she is relocating from the UK to Nigeria

Young Nigerian singer Omolade Oyetundun, often known as Lade, has declared her wish to return to her native country after living in the UK.
The singer of Adulthood Na Scam revealed this in a video posted on her Instagram account.

She explained that her experience in the United Kingdom has been draining.

After a few years of residing in the UK, Lade gave the following justification for her choice: “Things are not the way Nigerians back home envision it.”

She underlined the amount of work needed to maintain a basic lifestyle while coping with the bad weather.

She advised Nigerians with relatives in the Queen’s nation to never complain about how little money they receive and to always be grateful when they do.Considering the country’s economic woes, the majority of Nigerian youths appeared to relate to the song’s lyrics.

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