At least 66 people died in this New York county in the last 24 hours

At least 66 people died in Nassau County on Long Island in the last 24 hours, and while the number of Covid-19-related hospitalizations are hitting a plateau, the death rates continue to spike, according to Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.

A total of 566 people have died of Covid-19 complications in Nassau County, according to the state Department of Health.

Earlier Wednesday at a briefing, Curran said the county’s supply of ventilators is not as much of an issue as its need for protective equipment like masks and gowns. She said there have been more ventilators freed up as patients recover or pass away.

“Unfortunately, the majority of people who are on ventilators for an extended period of time do not make it. So it is a combination of those who’ve passed away and those who’ve gotten better,” Curran said today.

Data provided to CNN by Curran’s office shows health care workers are using 935,000 gowns per week. As of last night, the county’s stockpile had 1,200 gowns available to share with healthcare workers.

“We have a shortage of gowns and we need more right now,” Curran said in a statement to CNN.

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