Clips for iOS latest rumours:

Release date rumours and features

What is Clips?

Clips is a brand-new app for iPhone and iPad which allows users to “create expressive videos” according to Apple. Essentially, in a world where social media is full of viral videos, this gives users a quick and easy way to create shareable videos without much prior knowledge of video editing. It looks like it’ll sit between the video generator baked into the Photos app in iOS 10 and iMovie for iOS, which is seen as being a high-end video editing app (in terms of smartphone apps, anyway!).

The app is said to allow users to combine videos, images and music into one seamless video ready to be shared not only via the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but also via iMessage too

Apple claims it’s “incredibly easy” to create expressive videos on iOS using the app,

Apple has announced a brand new social media-friendly video editing app for iOS called Clips, an app for iPhone and iPad that should be launched around the time that iOS 10.3 is made available, possibly during April 2017. The firm claims it’s “incredibly easy” to create expressive videos on iOS using the app, but what makes it different from the sea of video editing apps available for iOS?

What can you do with Clips?

The next question is: what makes Clips different to the sea of other video editing apps, and apps like Snapchat that already offer the ability to take, record and edit short videos? Clips offers a feature that others are yet to boast: Live Titles. Live titles allows users to create animated captions for their videos, simply by using their voice. It’ll be dictated in real time, with the captions appearing in-time with your voice. It should make creating caption-led social videos for Facebook a little easier, if nothing else!

However, there’s much more to Clips than just Live Titles. You can apply a range of filters and emoji to your video, much like in Snapchat, helping to give it a defining look., from comic book-inspired filters to full-screen animated posters and speech bubbles and shapes. It doesn’t stop there though, as it goes one step extra and provides backing music for the video, intelligently selected depending on the total length of your masterpiece.

When it comes to sharing the video, the standard options are there: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but there’s more. Clips can recognise who is featured in the video, and can suggest contacts based on that information to share it with via iMessage.

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When is Clips going to be released for iPhone and iPad?

Clips sounds great, right? So, the biggest question right now is “When will Clips be released for iOS?” and while we’re yet to hear an official release date from Apple, we have a release window in mind. We imagine that Apple will launch Clips alongside, or just after the release of iOS 10.3 in April, the latest version of iOS that Apple has been extensively testing over the past couple of months.

Cast your minds back a year to the release of iOS 9.3 and it was a similar story. While Apple didn’t release any apps for the software, iOS 9.3 was a huge update, bringing Nightshift amongst other features. iOS 10.3 is said to bring a range of improvements to iOS, but there’s no headline feature for the update – could it be Clips? While many assume that it’ll be available to download from the App Store, Apple could just as easily bundle the app in with iOS 10.3, giving iOS owners a good reason to update to the latest version of iOS.

Of course, we’ll update this article with the latest release date information as soon as we receive it, so make sure you check back regularly for the latest news on Clips for iPhone and iPad.

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