Company offers a raft of announcements at its Basel, Switzerland showcase

Open source cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) nonprofit Cloud Foundry has kicked off its summit with a raft of announcements at the Basel, Switzerland showcase, including progress on containers and a marketplace for Cloud Foundry distributions from vendors such as IBM, Atos and Huawei.

The Foundation Wednesday announced an update to its Kubo project – now called the Cloud Foundry Container Runtime – which is now the “default” approach on the platform for deploying containers using Kubernetes and BOSH.

A user survey also stressed the universality of The Cloud Foundry project, with roughly half of its users in North America and the rest elsewhere, plus the speediness of development cycles which the group points out go from “weeks or months to hours and days”.

Just under half of respondents at 46 percent said that application releases take less than a week once they have the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime in use.

In a press roundtable, Cloud Foundry executive director Abby Kearns said that along with a swell in growth – as noted in a recent user survey, nearly half of application runtime users are large enterprises (46 percent) with $1 billion+ in annual revenue – what the organisation wants to shout about to continue to attract adoption is awareness and innovation.

Kearns said that she was surprised to find that of all the users, only 46 percent were large enterprises, so smaller businesses and developers are flocking to Cloud Foundry as well. Read more

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