Coronavirus death toll in France climbs to 7,560

A total of 7,560 people in France have died after contracting coronavirus, France’s Director-General of Health Jérôme Salomon said Friday.

Of those who have died, 5,532 individuals had been hospitalized, while 2,028 died in care homes for the elderly, Salomon added.

Speaking during a press briefing in Paris, Salomon confirmed that a total of 68,605 people have so far tested positive for the virus; of those, 28,143 have been hospitalized, while 6,838 people are currently being treated in intensive care units.

Some context: On Friday, Salomon announced that the increase in patients needing intensive care is slowing down, telling members of the press that the “constant need to find new places in ICU is increasing less rapidly” across the country.

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