Defense secretary says another 300 military personnel will deploy to help NYC hospitals

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says the military is sending another 300 medical personnel to help New York City hospitals.

Appearing on CBS “This Morning” Esper said, “we’ve deployed to 11 New York City hospitals 350 doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists and today we will be deploying another 300 to help those local hospital workers who’ve been struggling mightily to keep on top of the (coronavirus) cases help them out provide them some additional relief from the Department of Defense”.

CNN reported earlier this week that DoD would be “flooding the area with medical teams.”

The Pentagon said Tuesday that 325 military medical personnel have arrived in New York and would start embedding in 11 public hospitals on Wednesday.

The deployment of military medical personnel directly to hospitals represents a recent change in tactics for the Defense Department. At first the military wanted to transfer equipment to the civilians and stay largely out of the way. Then it agreed to do overflow and non-coronavirus patients, then coronavirus overflow and now hundreds of military doctors are surging on the frontlines in New York-area hospitals.

Source CNN

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