Do2dtun Dares D’banj: Publish Rent Receipts Your Sister Claimed You Paid

Do2dtun, a media personality, has pressed Nigerian artist D’banj to show proof that he paid his rent while he was wed to Taiwo Oyebanjo, D’banj’s sister.

Following the dissolution of his marriage to her and the ensuing custody dispute over their children, Do2dtun publicly criticized D’banj and his sister.

Do2dtun responded to Taiwo’s claims on Saturday by accusing his ex-wife of lying in a post on his Instagram account and requesting that the musician give proof that he was the one who paid their rent.

I dare you to provide receipts for the rent you paid for me, @iambangalee, as I’m sure you are aware that your sister is a liar! If she used your money for it, she most likely lied, much like when she misused the children’s school funds that were repeatedly supplied to her while the children were at Tenderville. She has no idea that I am aware of this. LoL.”

Regarding the allegation of domestic abuse, the OAP stated, “You have given the world multiple accounts of what transpired. You can see the inconsistency of your claims: sexual assault, emotional abuse, forced abortions, and domestic violence. Please remain still. What you told the press differs from what you filed. You always speak differently than you type.

The marriage ended because you married your brother and handed your mother the reins of deductive reasoning, not because of all the lies you told.

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