Dozens of prison inmates and workers are infected with coronavirus in California

Dozens of prison inmates and workers have tested positive for the coronavirus, California state officials reported Tuesday, marking a significant increase in cases since last week.

Prisoners infected: Eighteen inmates across the state have been infected, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation reported Tuesday in a news release, up from just four confirmed cases last week.

Staff also infected: State officials said 40 more corrections workers have also tested positive since last week, bringing the total number of infections to 62.

What the authorities are doing: The department said it will implement a mandatory 14-day modified plan to minimize the spread of the virus, including physical distancing during inmates’ daily routines, and proper disinfecting.

Last week, California state corrections officials announced up to 3,500 inmates will be released early to prevent the spread of coronavirus in state prisons.

The state of California currently has more than 17,500 coronavirus cases, including at least 450 deaths.

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