Elderly people in Turkey were finally allowed out of their house for the first time in 49 days

Elderly people in Turkey were allowed out of their house on Sunday for the first time in 49 days.

The older Turkey citizens have been confined to their homes since March 21 when the government announced a lockdown for people over the age of 65 as a part of measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

They were allowed out for four hours between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. local time today during a general weekend lockdown that prohibits all but essential workers from going out.

Turkey has opted for an age-specific lockdowns, banning people over the age 65 and below the age of 20 from leaving their homes.

People over 65 years of age were seen in parks, coastal roads and in outdoor exercise areas.

Some context: Turkey will slowly start lifting restrictions on Monday. Hairdressers and barbers will begin providing services with new measures as well as limited reopening of malls.



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