FG is optimistic about Spanish investment in Nigerian music and culture

The Federal Government on Tuesday expressed confidence that Spain will invest in Nigeria’s music industry.

The Director-General, Nigerian Tourism Development Authority, Folorunsho Coker, stated this at a press conference on VIS A VIS.

VIS A VIS is a flagship professional meeting between the African music industry and Spanish music producers, aimed at the internationalisation of African music.

Coker said Nigeria is a creative hub in Africa, hence Spain recognises the importance of the Nigerian music industry to its Gross Domestic Product.

mentioning Nigeria as the continent’s center of creativity for music, movies, and fashion. The project, he continued, will unleash Nigeria’s creative industry’s potential.

I would anticipate that soon after this project, he remarked. I won’t be shocked if Spanish companies working in the creative sector decide to relocate and invest in the vital support systems for the music industry, including recording studios, film studios, etc.”Spain acknowledges the value of this creative sector to its economy. I believe this idea will be amazing if we can both gain from it.

“I believe Nigeria may develop a crucial element for the festivals in Spain. It will entice more Europeans to visit Spain continuously each year.

The Spanish ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency Juan Sold, also spoke and expressed his pride at the program.

He claimed that it would bring together several issues that are important to both nations.

Giving Jews, not only Nigerians, opportunity is the goal. We firmly believe that this project can lead to fruitful musical cooperation between Nigeria and Spain, and that would provide us a solid foundation on which to expand,” he stated.

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