Film Review: Gerard Butler in ‘Geostorm’


When it comes to the issue of global warming, the world divides into two camps: those who believe in science, and those who adopt an actively skeptical position toward other human beings’ ability to interpret and in any way impact what nature has in store. An inanely spectacular disaster movie — though perhaps “spectacularly inane” would be more apt — from the producer of “Godzilla” and “Independence Day,” Dean Devlin’s “Geostorm” attempts to have it both ways, treating a gang of scientists who’ve “solved” the problem of global warming as its heroes while exploiting how little its target audience knows about the subject to supply an extreme-weather clip reel with contributions of variable quality from a dozen different visual effects houses.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a tidal wave sweep over the horizon of a waterless desert or eggs frying on a superheated city street, “Geostorm” is the movie for you! And if you’re one of the millions of human beings on this planet who was recently impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms, well, Devlin’s ill-timed destruct-a-thon (already delayed more than a year from its intended March 2016 release) succeeds in being even more callously insensitive/offensive than our president’s response to your plight. Then again, the only thing more reliable than bad weather is bad movies, and in that respect, “Geostorm” is right on forecast.

hanks to the immersive “environmental effects” of 4DX cinema technology, audiences in participating theaters who pay the upcharge can experience “Geostorm’s” freak weather phenomena for themselves, sitting in seats that jostle and shake along with the action, while lightning flashes, wind blows and a fine watery mist is blasted into their faces as they watch the movie. Introduced in South Korea around the time of “Avatar” and now available around the world, 4DX is an elaborate and thoroughly obnoxious add-on to the moviegoing experience worth trying once, and “Geostorm” may as well have been conceived for the occasion.

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