Gin distilleries and breweries offer to make hand sanitizer for London police

Gin distilleries and breweries in the UK are offering their services to ensure the supply of hand sanitizer for London’s Metropolitan Police, the Met said in a statement on Tuesday.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has led to increased demand for hygiene products across the country, including hand sanitizers, and police are also feeling the squeeze, according to the statement.

The Met said hand sanitizers are a “vital commodity” for front-line officers.

“Planning ahead to ensure the MPS continues to have a sufficient supply of hand sanitizer, staff in the force’s Commercial Services department started to pursue alternative sources for the product,” the statement said. “Staff quickly identified the alcohol industry as being an alternative source for the provision of hand sanitizers.”

Distilleries and breweries helping London’s Met Police include Portobello Road Gin in Notting Hill, 58 Gin Ltd in Haggerston and Copper Rivet Distillery in Chatham. Other distilleries approached by the MPS are now in conversation with other forces and public bodies.

“As an added bonus, brewing company Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I, is donating 6,000 liters of hand sanitizer free of charge to the MPS to help support its frontline officers and staff,” police said.

The Met expects to receive its first delivery of the hand sanitizers at the start of April.

Other distilleries have also stepped up around the world to make up the hand sanitizer short fall.

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