Governors Speak of Love, Harmony, and Peace While Christians Celebrate Easter

The majority of Nigerian governors have urged Christians to embrace love and other characteristics that will foster peace and togetherness in the nation as they join their counterparts around the world to celebrate Easter this year.

Easter Sunday, which culminates Holy Week and signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ, comes after Lent, a forty-day season of fasting.

Siminalayi Fubara, the governor of Rivers State, urged the populace to follow in Jesus Christ’s footsteps by living a life of love and fostering harmony and peace in his Easter message.

The governor stated in a statement signed by Nelson Chukwudi, his chief press secretary, that Easter signifies a fresh start for the State as a whole, not just for Christians.

Nonetheless, he emphasized that every action made by his administration thus far has been for the benefit of the State and the people as a whole.

As a government, we have a clear conscience. We wish the people of Rivers well. We arrived ready to provide the State with smooth, customer-focused service. Additionally, we have no intention of doing any harm to anyone while practicing good governance.

Allow me to express my gratitude for your cooperation and support as we continue to work together to maintain the safety and security of every resident and tourist to our beloved Rivers State.

Therefore, keep in mind the purpose of the season when you celebrate Easter. In an endeavor to fulfill our mandate, he continued, “Remember to keep our government in your prayers both now and always. Together, we can accomplish the objectives we have set for ourselves.”

In a message of his own, Cross River State Governor Bassey Otu urged residents of the state to think carefully on the selfless life of Jesus Christ, who gave his life in order to save mankind.

Otu asserted in the Easter message released by his Special Advisor on Media and Publicity, Linus Obogo, that Cross River State and Nigeria as a whole could not achieve the necessary economic advancement without selflessness and sacrifice.

“Today marks a very significant moment in our lives as Christians,” the speaker stated. Significant in that it is a sobering reminder that someone gave their life on the cross so that we could live, even though there was no fault detected in him.

“His crucifixion and resurrection serve as a constant reminder to all of humanity of selflessness, the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and love and compassion over hate. These formed the cornerstones of the lessons that Christ imparted before to his crucifixion.

Godwin Obaseki, the governor of Edo State, asked Christians to consider the lessons learned from the Easter celebration and to hold onto hope despite the challenges facing the economy.

“Easter is a time for reflection, love, sacrifice, renewal, and hope,” stated Obaseki. I implore us to make the most of this occasion to reflect on the meaning and lessons of the celebration and to recommit ourselves to building a more prosperous and progressive Nigeria.

“As a people, we may have experienced extreme strain brought on by high living expenses and other financial difficulties, but we must never give up. By banding together, we can overcome these obstacles and set our nation up for long-term, sustainable growth and development.

“We must continue to be strong, seek God’s face during this time of celebration, spread our happiness to our neighbors, and work toward creating a peaceful and forward-thinking country.”
Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State utilized the occasion of Easter Sunday to reiterate his true commitment to bringing greater purpose to people’s lives despite the current economic realities.

For this reason, he asked for the public’s unwavering support and prayers for his administration’s success.

His message was titled “HE AROSE THAT WE MAY ARISE.” He stated that Easter is a significant occasion in the Christian calendar.

It represents the tribulations endured by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the anguish and suffering that preceded His crucifixion, and His eventual triumph over death by resurrection, which has granted humanity salvation and redemption.

Governor Francis Nwifuru of Ebonyi State encouraged the people to use this time to pray for peace, social cohesion, progress, and healings in all spheres of our national life, even as he used his Easter message to reiterate that his government is committed to getting the people out of sufferings, hardships, and misery as quickly as possible.

We have thought about everyone who is experiencing violence and grief, social isolation, disease, poverty, deprivation, and other hardships during this season of profound repentance and somber meditations.

We continue to propose strategies as a responsive government to provide our people with the quickest possible relief from all forms of suffering.

“Therefore, as I call on you to use this period to pray for peace, social cohesion, progress, and healing in all areas of our national life, I urge you to always remember the sacrifices of our Lord Jesus Christ and recommit yourselves to love God with all your heart, embracing His call to treat one another with compassion,” the governor stated.

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