Hajj 2024: Last symbolic stoning and farewell round of the Kaaba

Muslim pilgrims are wrapping up the Hajj, one of Islam’s Five Pillars.

During the Hajj, Muslims worship and undertake rituals, including stoning.

On Tuesday (June 18), many pilgrims congregated in Mina, a desert spot outside Mecca.

The three-day stoning rite in Mina represents the removal of evil and sin.

This year’s Hajj takes place amidst a terrible battle in the Gaza Strip.

Making the trek provided an opportunity for Ayman, an Egyptian pilgrim, to intercede for Palestinians.

“Obviously, one of the most essential prayers was for our brethren in Palestine. It was one of the most significant prayers we were praying, that God would grant them victory against their adversary.”

In 2024, more than 1.83 million Muslims completed the Hajj, including over 1.6 million pilgrims from 22 nations.

Amir Omar traveled all the way from Nigeria.

“I am feeling very great that I perform my one pillar in my religion, Yes, I am feeling very grateful.”

All Muslims must perform the Hajj once in their life if they are physically and financially able to do so.

The searing sun and suffocating hot weather continued on Tuesday, with temperatures in Mecca predicted to hit 47 degrees Celsius.

Many pilgrims, particularly the elderly, were observed collapsed and in need of medical attention due to the heat.

Dozens of people were reported deceased, including 14 Jordanians.

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