Halima Abubakar, an actress, criticizes her coworkers for “celebrating bad news” in an article by Ifeanyi Adeleke

Halima Abubakar, a Nollywood actress, addressed her coworkers who were grieving the loss of Ifeanyi Adeleke, the son of Davido.
Nigerians lament the loss of young Adeleke, who drowned in his father’s Banana Island house. Nigerians both at home and abroad are mourning his passing.

Most famous people expressed their sorrow for his passing on social media and offered their sympathies to the artist and his fiance, Chioma Rowland.

Halima Abubakar criticized her coworkers for posting pictures of the deceased Ifeanyi on their social media accounts but failing to honor him on his birthday while he was still alive in response to the development.

She pointed out that behaviors like those displayed by some of her coworkers only serve to demonstrate how much more commonly bad news is celebrated than good news.

She also advised others to avoid them because they are bad individuals.

“Half of you who posted that small baby didn’t wish him hbd,” she said in her message. However, you were the first to report his death. Do you folks ever think? It demonstrates how many of you merely rejoiced over the bad news. Did you send him good luck? No!! You hastily type tear. It still hurts. For spiritual insight, we give thanks. Stay away from folks of this sort. Take charge, you Rabbi.

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