Homes Underwater As Flood Devastates Communities in Anambra

Little did the citizens of Anambra State anticipate the extent of flooding that has now affected some local government areas of the state when the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) issued a warning earlier in the year about catastrophic flooding along the coastline states.

Anambra West Local Government Area was the most severely hit, with residences buried as floodwaters flooded nearby farmlands. As a result of the water, local schools have also closed and inhabitants have relocated to safer regions.

Following a recent downpour and the opening of the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon, the water level has increased.

The joint assessment team of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) noticed the degree of flooding and devastation along the Omambala Riverbank as it traveled from the Onitsha Marine axis of the River Niger to Anambra West.

The assessment team visited at least 16 communities along the Omambala River.

While a NEMA official claimed that measures had been put in place to assist the affected people, Felix Ikechi, the chairman of the transition committee for the Anambra West Local Government Area, noted that the issue was a reoccurring issue experienced in 2012, 2019, and again this year.

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