How I Made It Through After Learning That My Husband Had Impregnated His Ex-Girlfriend – Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa, a Nigerian media personality and actress, has shared how she handled the fact that her estranged husband, Maje Ayida, had an unplanned pregnancy with his ex-girlfriend.

that Toke said in the most recent installment of her YouTube vlog series, “Toke Moments,” that she was heartbroken to learn the pregnancy was nine months along.

The actress and her spouse, Ayida, separated in 2015, but their marriage was formally divorced in court in 2017.The television star claimed that continuing to work every day while feeling depressed over her husband’s affair was the sole solace in her life.

Toke claimed that her employer had also encouraged her to quit her job, but she insisted that she was able to do so because she had figured out how to balance her work with her emotions.

“I believe that [my job] was the only thing that I was certain of in my life,” Makinwa remarked. Everything else that was tried before failed.

The world that I had built had crumbled. And the only thing that I was sure of, was my job.

When I first entered the [radio] studio, the World News started at around seven in the morning. The radio station owner then calls and says, “Everyone is talking about you. I don’t want to get into it, but people are thinking you would literally fall apart.” I believe you should return home.

I’ve learnt to check my emotions at the door and pick them up later when I’m heading home. Therefore, once I enter the studio, it isn’t about me.

“It’s about the millions of people trying to make their lives function; they are the ones tuning in expecting to be entertained, informed, and up to speed with what is happening in the world.”

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