“I Chase Men Away With Financial Demands” – Actress Peju Johnson from Nigeria

Peju Johnson, a Nollywood actress turned movie producer, has come clean about how she intimidates guys who ask to date her by demanding money.
The movie actor reportedly criticized women’s financial expectations from men who want to date them in an interview with Punch, according to Naija News.

Peju claimed, though, that some men continue to bother women even when they have no interest in a relationship, and she drives these men away with requests for money.

“I wouldn’t say it’s right (to make financial demands from men),” she remarked. However, I like to use financial demands to drive men away from me. For instance, even after informing certain guys that they are not interested in a relationship, those men would continue to bombard that man with numerous messages every day, all of which would be lies and would purport to be expressions of love and caring.

Many of them are just looking for someone to sleep with, especially married males. For me, that can be both tiresome and unsettling. I therefore employ financial demands to drive them away rather than obstructing them. After that, one won’t see their “brake light.”

Peju stated, “That would be the role I played in the movie I produced titled, ‘Payback,'” when asked about the most difficult role she has ever played. I pretended to be a tout. I found it quite difficult to perform the part because I didn’t think I could. However, I succeeded with the director’s assistance.
The actress responded, “Many years ago, my former boyfriend, who I thought I would settle down with, asked me to stop my acting career for his sake.” When questioned about the greatest sacrifice she had ever made for love, the actress remarked. He is the jealous kind, thus he did not want me to be an actress. He was just interested in himself.

In fact, it was because of him that I gave up acting. However, he eventually cheated on me and got married to someone else. We split up after that, and I returned to acting.

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