Insecurity and poverty cannot be addressed overnight, Igboho warns Sultan of Sokoto

Mr Adeyemo insisted that the blame for the dismal economy, recurrent insecurity, food inflation, unemployment, and youth unrest should not be placed on Tinubu’s administration, which is only approximately eight months old.
On Thursday, Yoruba nation activist Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, confronted the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, claiming that the nation’s twin crises of insecurity and poverty cannot be remedied quickly.

He emphasized that essential parties in governance, economy, security, and other critical sectors must be dedicated to finding solutions to Nigeria’s insecurity challenges and socioeconomic impediments in order to achieve peace and stable development.

In a statement he personally signed in response to Mr Abubakar’s viewpoint on the widespread hardship and outbreak of insecurity in some regions of the country, Mr Adeyemo emphasized that President Bola Tinubu’s administration should be allowed to seek out measures capable of addressing the problem.

However, Mr Adeyemo argued that the Sultan’s position on the current state of the nation was not out of place, but that the blame for the bad economy, perennial insecurity, food inflation, unemployment, and youth unrest should not be placed on Tinubu’s administration, which is only eight months old.

According to the statement, “it is important for our leaders at all levels, be it religious or traditional, to demonstrate commitment to bringing solutions to the table at this crucial point in our history. Our problems as a nation are foundational.

For decades, Nigeria had been in a precarious situation due to poor governance, a stagnant economy, terrorism, insecurity, and ineffective leadership. I feel that the federal government is concerned about the people’s hardship and has taken steps to improve the situation.”

Mr Adeyemo stated that while the nation could not ignore the incessant attacks by rampaging herdsmen on farmlands, particularly during the immediate past regime of former President Muhammadu Buhari, forcing thousands of farmers to abandon farm settlements, it is prudent to state that the effect of farmers/herders clashes, which resulted in killings and farm destruction, has been devastating on food production and the agriculture value chain.

This concerning development is one of the primary reasons of food insecurity and price increases in food goods and commodities. We must allow the current administration to investigate all steps being implemented to combat inflation, foreign exchange concerns, and outrageous food costs, which will shortly yield results.

“The government’s recent decision to send military to protect farmers from herder attacks, which are reducing harvest and food yield, will increase the confidence of peasant farmers and agribusiness owners to return to their farms. The decision to establish the National Commodity Board will also help to contain rising food inflation, according to the statement.

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