Invoking Ogun and going spiritual in order to harm Naira Marley and other people, Mohbad’s fan

A fervent Mohbad supporter has prayed to ‘Ogun’ to kill everyone connected to the late singer’s passing.

Top industry figures like Naira Marley and Sam Larry have reportedly been implicated in the controversies surrounding the death of the young rapper Mohbad, according to Naija News.

This comes after a video surfaced showing Sam Larry, a supporter of Naira Marley, with a few others harassing Mohbad on a recording studio set.

Many angry Nigerians invaded Sam Larry and Naira Marly’s Instagram page after seeing the video, accusing them of mistreating and oppressing the late musician.

After receiving a barrage of cyberattacks after posting the video, Larry has since canceled his Instagram account.

However, a viral video captures the moment an ardent fan of the late musician and worshiper of Ogun went above and above to get revenge on those responsible for Mohbad’s murder. He cursed them severely.

Additionally, the supporter prayed to the gods to execute all those responsible for the late singer’s passing.

On Wednesday, the singer was laid to rest in Ikorodu.


Source Naijanews

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