Nigerians React to the Setback of the Oscar Rejecting Kunle Afolayan’s “Anikulapo”

Veteran Nigerian director Kunle Afolayan has voiced his regret over the Oscars’ refusal of his most recent film, “Anikulapo,” for the 2023 prize.
The American and foreign cinema industries have an academy that bestows honors for creative and technical achievement. Many people consider the honors to be the most coveted ones in the global entertainment industry.

On September 30, 2022, “Anikulapo” debuted on Netflix and in theaters around Nigeria. According to Naija News, many Nigerians praised the film.

The filmmaker announced the new development on Twitter and vowed to continue his charitable efforts despite the Nigerian Oscar selection committee rejecting his film.

He wrote on Twitter: “I am extremely glad and elated that the ANIKULAPO film has been dubbed a “masterpiece” by the entire world, despite the Nigeria Oscar selection committee believing it is unworthy of being submitted for the Oscars. I’ll continue to do things my way.

Africans respond
Numerous Nigerians commented on the post.

Beautiful masterpiece, as yinkkky put it I eagerly anticipate watching your films. As always, I enjoyed the display and projection of tradition and culture. The movie has excellent originality and great material. Thank you for making this available on our screens.

“Great movie, I must say..Love is not enought to leave all behind,” wrote damfel.0la.

You don’t need their approval anyhow, the terrible shrew remarked in a message. Your brilliance may be seen by the blind. We are very happy.

“The same Netflix movie I was watching, I pressed the stop button on the TV remote and went to Filmhouse to start it again,” illskillss commented. Saro has a bad boy reputation

“I was hooked to my phone until the movie ended,” gbekes touche commented. “They should hold their Oscars. The majority rules, thus Anikulapo wins.”

“I have seen the movie twice, and I enjoyed it especially the concluding word ‘When you take an action be ready to face the result,'” february25cocktails commented. The cast is perfect for every role… ….. Ise, ku, eyin loga

It was great fun to watch, debolalagos wrote. God’s grace will soon place greater respect on your shoulders. Ise takun takun, eku.

Additionally, the couple undressed before having intercourse, with Bimbo’s breasts and Kunle’s buttocks clearly visible.

Many Nigerians voiced anger about the nude scene, saying it was completely unnecessary for such magnificent work even though the film is rated 18+.



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