NVIDIA is bringing the power of artificial intelligence to rendering with the launch of NVIDIA OptiX 5.0 SDK.

NVIDIA supercharges rendering performance with AI

NVIDIA recently introduced a deskside AI workstation which will give designers, artists and other content-creation professionals the rendering capability of 150 standard CPU-based servers. This access to GPU-powered accelerated computing will provide extraordinary ability to iterate and innovate with speed and performance, at a fraction of the cost.

“Developers using our platform can enable millions of artists and designers to access the capabilities of a render farm right at their desk,” says Bob Pette, NVIDIA Vice President. “By creating OptiX-based applications, they can bring the extraordinary power of AI to their customers, enhancing their creativity and dramatically improving productivity.”

The OptiX 5.0’s new ray-tracing capabilities will speed up the process used to visual designs or characters, dramatically increasing a creative professional’s ability to interact with their content. It features new AI de-noising capability to accelerate the removal of graininess from images, and bring GPU-accelerated motion blur for realistic animation effects.

A whisper quiet system that fits under a desk, the NVIDIA DGX station is the most powerful AI rendering system available. To achieve equivalent rendering performance, content creators would need access to a render farm with more than 150 servers that require 200 kilowatts of power. This would cost US$4 million over three years, compared with less than US$75,000 for a DGX station.

NVIDIA is working the many of the world’s most important technology companies and creative visionaries to set the course for the use of AI for rendering, design, character generation and the creation of virtual worlds.

“AI is transforming industries everywhere. We’re excited to see how NVIDIA’s new technologies will improve the filmmaking process” says Steve May, Pixar Vice President and CTO.

Source Computerworld.in

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