Police Discusses Attempt To Arrest Portable, Using Justification

The Ogun State Police have stated that their officers attempted to arrest Portable at his bar today, March 28. The police had invaded the musician’s club in an effort to make an arrest.

According to Portable, the people who took the police to the club to make the arrest were online scammers. The police said in a widely shared video that they were going to arrest Portable after receiving a petition against him.

The state police command’s spokesperson, SP Abimbola Oyeyemi, revealed that command personnel went to effect Portable’s arrest in a talk with LIB.

Abimbola claims that the command issued Portable four invites after one of his colleagues filed a police report alleging that Portable broke into his studio, hired several guys to beat him up, and then closed the building.

Nevertheless, Portable declined to accept the invitation, so the police obtained an arrest order from a court with jurisdiction on the matter and went to arrest him

But he claimed that the Zazuu crooner made the decision to make a scene in order to stop the cops from completing their duty,

According to Oyeyemi, Portable’s father intervened and pledged to bring the singer by Friday, March 31, at the latest. According to him, the police will wait until Friday and then continue to arrest the singer if Portable’s father doesn’t take him to the station.
He is subject to the law, Oyeyemi declared.

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