Popular music director TG Omori declares his intention to give up his career

ThankGod Omori Smith, often known as TG Omori, is a generally recognized director and cinematographer of music videos in Nigeria. He recently revealed he will soon change careers.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old entertainer from Lagos announced this on his verified Twitter account.
When his current music directing era is through, according to TG Omori, he plans to become a p*rn star and offer his followers something to talk about.

“After this music video phase, I’m going to retire and become a p*rn star so that y’all can watch me,” TG Omori tweeted on the microblogging website.

As netizens voiced their perspectives on social media, TG Omori’s admission drew a flood of responses.

Check out a few of the responses below:

At Abolade Bashir, What a dream, Godspeed, dude.

– @BoiEmi Do not subject your Only fans to this.

– @Its_HBOA You have a small winny dwarf who will be one of your co-actors, I’m sure.

– @precious_kali Too much money forces you to think beyond the box.

Werey, despite fasting during Ramadan, you continue to smoke.

The comment from @Kobby4Desmond was, “lol, with your directing skills, your porn videos are going to be classic ig.”

“U gat to retire soon so u can gain cause video directing be like computer programming for a kid,” tweeted @oluwase17330228.

@Djmackzy_11: “Just Playing, I Know, How Much Will They Pay You?”

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