Portable Fumes At Concertgoers For Not Spraying Him Money During Performance In Germany

At a concert in Germany, Portable, a Nigerian musician who is also known by his stage name Habeeb Okikiola, confronted the audience for not throwing money at him.

the singer took to his Instagram page to share some of the moments from his music tour in Germany and other countries.

In one of the videos, Potable complained to the audience about the lack of financial support he was getting while playing.

At one point, the “zazu” singer went off on the crowd and questioned whether they thought it was simple for him to travel to Germany to perform.

Portable who spoke in the Yoruba language urge them to start spraying money before he continued performing.

As said by DJ Chicken, Portable Reacts
In the meantime, Portable responded to a statement made by DJ Chicken, a former acquaintance.

The Disc Jockey allegedly claimed to have an affair with Portable’s wife and became pregnant by her, according to a previous report from Niger News.

During a weekend Instagram live session, he berated the artist for forgetting how their friendship began and said this.

In response to DJ Chicken’s charges, Portable claimed that the DJ was attempting to use him to further his popularity while also blaming the accusations on his famous lifestyle.

The Zazoo crooner continued by pleading with his former friend to reveal which of his wives he was allegedly impregnated with.

In addition, he demanded to know whether he was the father of his first, second, or third child.

Portable said that he could have to instruct his men to attack DJ Chicken once more as they did several months ago.

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