Sharpton: “The movement won’t rest until we get justice


Rev. Al Sharpton vowed to the keep the movement going in the memory of George Floyd.

Sharpton described the legacy Floyd has left behind and the action his death has sparked across the globe.

“You said you wanted to touch the¬†world.¬†Well, God had already made you¬†for that.¬†But you didn’t touch it in a¬†basketball court or a football¬†court.¬†God had something else for you¬†to do.¬†Because all over the world,¬†George, they’re marching with¬†your name.¬†You’ve touched the world in¬†South Africa.¬†You’ve touched the world in¬†England.¬†You’ve touched every one of the¬†50 states, even in a pandemic,¬†people are walking out in the¬†streets not even following¬†social distancing because you’ve¬†touched the world.¬†And as we lay you to rest today,¬†the movement won’t rest until we¬†get justice.¬†Until we have one standard of¬†justice,” Sharpton said.

Speaking directly to Floyd, he said, “Your family’s going to miss¬†you, George, but your nation is¬†going to always remember your¬†name. Because your neck was one that¬†represented all of us.”

Sharpton said Floyd’s suffering represents “our suffering.”

“You fought a good fight.¬†You kept the faith.¬†You finished your course.¬†Go on and get your rest now.¬†Go on and see mama now. ¬†We going to fight on.¬†We going to fight on.¬†We going to fight on.¬†We going to fight on,” he said.

source CNN

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