South Korea reports 22 new coronavirus cases

South Korea has reported another 22 new coronavirus cases, according to the South Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC).

In total, the country has reported 10,613 cases, of which 7,757 have recovered. So far, more than 513,000 tests have been conducted.

An election during an outbreak: Despite the pandemic, the country held a parliamentary election yesterday for the 300 seats in the National Assembly.

The vote saw a 66.2% turnout — the highest for a parliamentary election since 1992, which had a 71.9% turnout. More than a quarter of the country’s 44 million voters cast their ballot early — a record proportion of early voters.

Early results from Wednesday’s election suggest that President Moon Jae-in’s Democratic Party has won 180 seats — a gain of 60 seats. Full results are expected on Thursday.

That would be the biggest win by any party since the current democratic constitution was established in 1987. Prior to the election, Moon’s response to the coronavirus crisis boosted his approval rating, according to Gallup Korea surveys

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