South Korea virus hotspot of Daegu sees no new cases

The city of Daegu, which had been the epicenter of South Korea’s coronavirus outbreak, reported zero new cases for the first time in weeks Friday, as the national numbers of new cases continues to decline.

“For the first time in around 50 days, the number of new confirmed cases had reduced to around 20 (nationwide),” said the country’s Vice Minister of Heath Kim Ganglip.

“In Daegu, for the first time since the patient 31, there was no new case. This is a shared achievement that we all have reached through last three weeks of strengthened social distancing.”

The first known case in Daegu, referred to as patient 31, was reported by the government on February 18.

Out of the total 10,450 cases in South Korea, Daegu accounts for 6,807 cases and surrounding North Gyeongsang province accounts for 1,327.

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